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This  website is obviously a work in progress that is dedicated to chronicling the history of the Eclipse Fountain Pen and Pencil Co.

This is not a commercial site, we do not sell any products.

The site will, as it grows, include the history of both the U.S. and Canadian Eclipse Fountain Pen and Pencil companies. They were sister companies.

It will also be a source of information for fountain pen collectors who wish to know more about the many versions and styles of Eclipse fountain pens. These fountain pens were manufactured in the United States from about 1903 until the early 1930’s and manufactured in Canada from about 1925 through until about 1960.

It is hoped that collectors of Eclipse pens will submit pictures of their best or unique Eclipse pens so we may include them in our site for the benefit of other collectors.

There will also be some additional information included about the Canadian company’s activities through the late 60’s until late 2014 when it ceased operations.

This project is being undertaken by William (Bill) John Tully Jr, the grandson of Joseph Patrick Tully, and William John Tully, great grandson of Joseph Patrick Tully (confusing eh!!).

Joseph Patrick Tully was originally an independent sales agent for the Eclipse U.S.  during late teens and early 1920’s. He was invited by Marx Finstone, owner of the U.S. company to establish and  manage a  Canadian company in 1925. At the time of his death in 1958 owned 50% of the US company and all of the Canadian operation.

If you have information that would assist in this project, or have questions which are not answered by the information contained on this site, you are invited to use the ‘Contact US’ link at the top right side of this page.

This is an active project so please check back periodically if you are a fountain pen collector. For those involved in restoring and/or selling vintage fountain pens, we will soon be adding a ‘Links’ section to the site where we would be pleased to provide a link to your business for the benefit of collectors.

We hope you find our efforts of benefit.

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